Our Hawaiian Islands are a true collection of natural beauty everywhere we look. We are blessed to have homes here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where everything from beautiful beaches to lush mountain sides, all enjoy the glory of the big, bright, beautiful Hawaiian sun.

It is easy to feel rejuvenated just stepping outside on a magnificent Hawaiian day. Maui Solar Project is here to help harness that energy that you feel in your body and use it to power your homes and businesses. Relying on fossils fuels to run our isolated islands is unnecessary when we are surrounded by endless amounts of renewable energy. Most everything we do revolves around the sun, so let us add “harnessing renewable energy” to the list. As lore tells us, Maui harnessed the sun so as to slow its path across the sky. Join Maui Solar Project as we harness the sun’s energy and slow Hawaii’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy independence is a worthwhile goal. As fossil fuel costs continue to rise, the cost of living will continue to rise as well. We have the ability and obligation as proud people that call Maui home.


Local, friendly, accessible & professional

Maui Solar Project is a locally owned and operated company. MSP was founded in 2008 by Edmond Alberton and is currently run by Eddie and partner Josh Porter. As a company we believe in supporting our local community and advocating for cleaner energy on our islands. Meet the rest of our team here.